Christ EcoAction・General Synod Resolutions of the United Church

Christ EcoAction・統一キリスト教会エコアクション

General Synod Resolutions of the United Church
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The pastoral letter

"One thing is certain: for the love of the earth and one another, we may not remain indifferent. We are called to face the challenges with a deep sense of urgency and hopeful attention. We are called to invite those who seek, who love, who lament and who act on prophetic and imaginative dreams, to journey with us. Come; let us build greening places and spaces for the holy and one another."
- from the pastoral letter

Climate Change

Climate Change
This resolution updates and strengthens the 1999 resolution on global warming. It calls for responsible stewardship of God’s creation, firm leadership by governments and business, energy conservation and urges all segments of the United Church of Christ to address global warming.

Global Warming
Recognizes the dangers of global warming and our biblical mandate as stewards of God's creation; affirms the greater responsibility of industrial nations, especially the U.S., toreduce greenhouse gas emissions; encourages local churches, Conferences and national agencies to educate and advocate for ratification of the Kyoto Climate Change Treaty and to address their own lifestyles


Cloning of Mammalian Species
Expresses concern about the ethical implications associated with the ability to clone non-human mammalian species and thepotential ability to clone humans; calls on appropriate UCC bodies to provide leadership and educational resources for the denomination so that the whole church might better understand the science of cloning and ethical issues at stake and be better prepared to take personal and corporte stands.


Respect for Animals
Commends to members and congregations the consideration of our place among all God's living creatures and invites them to evaluate human use of animals and the resulting effects on animals; asks Conferences, Associations and congregations to gather educational and theological materials on the place of animals and to share the information with the assistance of OCIS.